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Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment is a constructive force that is administered to your spine in an area of misalignment that is causing pressure on your nerves. These pressures can cause a wide range of symptoms across the entire body.

We’re here to talk about what the chiropractic adjustment is. Well, an adjustment is a constructive force that we administer to your spine in the area where we found the subluxation – the misalignment that’s causing pressure on the nerves.

Here’s what you’ve got to understand: all your life you have random forces that most of the time you didn’t ask for, that beat up on you. Things like gravity, work posture, and the stresses of life. These forces work bring you into a state of imbalance or overload.

Our goal is to counteract these random forces with a specific chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractic adjustment is a constructive force that we administer in a specific place, in a specific direction, and at a specific time that sets into motion the vertebrae.  It is a minute amount of motion that is just enough to “reboot” your body’s system.

We set the spine free with this constructive force through a variety of techniques. It may be done with my hands, or it may be done a handheld instrument like an activator gun that is put in a specific location to provide a gentle force. We might use another instrument called an ArthroStim which can deliver 12 pulses of force in a second’s time. The amount of force delivered to the spine can be infinitely varied  based on how much I preload the device, ranging from fractions of ounces when we work in the upper neck area, all the way up to pounds when we work in the low back – larger mass bones require more force. The key is that the amount of force has to be specific for what you need in that moment.

The forces I just described are very fast ones, however there are many situations where slower force is preferred. Sometimes we’ll just use blocks and we’ll place them under the pelvic structure so the force of gravity can gradually bring you into balance.

In either case, whether it’s a very fast adjustment, or slower one, we always approach it in a specific way so that the force that we administer is specific to your subluxation pattern. The goal in the end is to bring your spine into a greater state of balance and a greater state of motion… to move you away from being static and toward being more dynamic, fluid, and supple.

Stagnation is the damnation of your body, whether it’s whether it’s eating the same foods all the time, not exercising, or not being active, we must have a dynamically functioning physiology that is capable of variation. We want to be able to go and move if we want, or to be able to relax if we want to.  The chiropractic adjustment gets motion back into the spine, opens up the nerve channels, and activates the healing energy in your body.

So when we adjust you, it is always specific for what you need. Nothing is random about this, it is always with the intention opening up those nerve channels so that the life force can flow from the brain to your body, and form the body back to the brain, activating the healing energy in your body along the way.

In the same way that you never had a cut that didn’t heal, and how you developed from one cell to four-hundred trillion cells nine months’ time, the body has a built-in sense of dynamic growth and healing. That same intelligence is always on the job throughout our lives and the goal of chiropractic adjustments is to remove the blockages and restore the free flow of this energy in the body.

We can help restore your balance and put your life back in motion. Call us today to schedule your examination.