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Cause of Dis-Ease


People are never really told the reason why their bodies break down. When you’re in the womb, all of the resources that your mother has to offer are available to you, so you develop this wonderfully strong, intelligent vibrant child by the time it’s developed over nine months period of time. That’s because at the moment of conception, that one cell that was once all of us was infused with intelligence, that innate intelligence that took you from one cell to four hundred trillion cells. However, once we’re born, what happens is we have to transition from this on-demand source of oxygen, nutrition and even excretion and removal of waste through what we call the umbilical cord.

You got to transition into life now. That means we switch over to the oral cavity for food and consumption and then we have to eliminate through our alimentary and absorb through the alimentary canal. We have to breathe through our lungs. A lot of things go on with this transition. How well we transition into life is important at our time of birth, but how do we keep this going throughout our lifetime because sickness and disease is really a result of your capacities in life, you internal capacities versus external demands.

This chart says it all. The cause of dis-ease. We’re talking about dis-ease, a hyphenated word, a lack of ease in the body, a lack of coordination of function. What happens?

Ultimately, it’s an interface between capacity and demand. Here’s your body. If you have decreased internal resistance, which means maybe you haven’t been sleeping well, maybe you’ve been super stressed, you’re in a sympathetic or heightened state of stress situation, maybe you’re not eating so well, you’re eating junk for 30 years, sometimes it takes time to accumulate. Our immune system is controlled by the nerve system so we have to get the digestive system on track. Decreased internal resistance affected by overwhelming stress. That stress could be a bus. That’s going to definitely do you in. You run in front of it, okay, but things are more subtle than that by and large.

You’re raising a family if you have kids, you have a wife, you have a job. You have these emotional stresses in life that play on us more intensely than physical stress, but then there is just that. Physical stress. Gravity. It’s like a big gorilla hand trying to pull you down, and if your posture alters over time, you’re not going to get the oxygen you need because of a collapsed rib cage, so we got to start moving in the right directions to counteract that. We need to do exercise and training to counteract the stressful life we need. We need to eat foods that are less latent with preservatives, sugar, all of that. Pretty simple. Do we need another book about sugar? You know where it is. You just got to discipline yourself to do something about it.

Physical training, mental training, try to put positive thoughts in your mind. Just say it affirmation. I am strong. I am loved. Squeeze your non-dominant hand and repeat it 10 times 3 times a day. I can, I will, I must. Your non-dominant hand creates an emotional attachment to what it is you’re saying. Thus, penetrating the conscious mind, which is judging you continuously. Decreased internal resistance coupled with overwhelming stress affects neuromuscular tension. That’s going to distort the spine. Spinal subluxation imbalance, which creates nerve interference, a decrease in the flow of the communication between body and brain, brain and body. That’s a subluxation. Spinal misalignment. That’s what we correct. The adjustment reboots your system. That’s my point.

Your body is like this transmission of a car. These new cars learn how you drive. If you drive like a lead foot, stressed out and crazy, it learns how to shift and accommodate your style of driving, your lifestyle of driving. If you’re a slowpoke and you’re sluggish, it’s going to accommodate that, too. Somehow, you want to seek balance. If you’re in a situation where you got to get on the gas, get on it, but once you’re through that danger point, mellow out on the road. You have to get the idea. How you drive your car is in relationship to how you live your life sometimes. The adjustment reboots the system. How you live your life remaps your system, how you eat, move and think.

If we can get that on track, we’re going to interrupt this pattern. Nerve irritation creates altered function, and if that tissue function is altered long enough, you’re going to get tissue weakness and you’re going to get symptoms. Could be a back ache. That’s what people come for a lot, but it goes deeper than that. The same ones that go outside go inside. We want to interrupt this cycle through what we do in our office, and that’s called an adjustment. The adjustment reboots the system by correcting the subluxation. If you all will listen to me, when you go back out into your life, maybe you’ll do one thing to improve yourself. Just one exercise where you just take a deep breath and you just rotate your shoulders back like you’re doing a breast stroke. That’s going to interrupt. The breathing will interrupt the stress cycle. The motion will interrupt the gravitational cycle of pulling you down so that your chin doesn’t wind up on your chest when you’re 78.

Believe me. It’s a precursor. The earlier that happens in your life, it’s a precursor to Alzheimer’s and dementia and a lot of other stuff. Interrupt the stress pattern. Interrupt the dysfunctional dis-ease pattern through the adjustment. Ultimately, we want our capacity to be here and our demands here. It’s up to you to figure out what are have to dos in your life versus want to dos. Sometimes we put meaning of have to do in our life, and it’s really not a have to do, but yet, we’re sucking on our capacity because we’re doing things in life we think our important that maybe aren’t so important. I’ve stopped reading in the back part of my yard. I don’t need that.

I want to eat good. I want to sleep. I want to move and exercise, and we can talk about that. Tai Chi, strength training, walking, heart rate variability. Capacity versus demand. It’s constantly influx. You don’t want this. That’s dis-ease. Let’s train our bodies. Let’s reboot our nerve system, reboot our life, reboot our situation through the adjustment. When you leave here, think positive. Move. Do the back stroke. Start eating a little better. Do the smoothie in the morning. Take your omega 3s. Have a great day.

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