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How Resistance Band Training Helped Me


Hello, Dr. John here. If you know anything about me, I’ve always been into fitness, even though I’ve had my setbacks at times with injuries. In fact, just recently in the process of moving a heavy couch, I actually tweaked an Ingle hernia. So that was in January. I wound up having to have surgery in June. 

So for me not being able to exercise is huge. I’m a very active person and it actually surprised me as much as I’ve done and, uh, will continue to do that. That actually happened to me, but that’s the way it is. You move forward, you never retreat. You just move forward in another direction. So here’s the thing. 

How did I overcome this little bit of a setback?

Well, two weeks prior to my surgery, I was exposed to a form of training with restrictive bands that go around your upper extremity up near your armpit and your thighs up near your groin area, that you inflate blood flow resistance training the name of the bands and the company behind them is called B3 bands. It’s phenomenal stuff. 

To learn more about it, you can go to

What these bands do is they afford resistance to blood flow on its return back to the heart in a completely safe way. 

You inflate them to specific pressures and you’re trained with certain protocols. It’s been shown not to increase arterial pressure nor to apply stress to the myocardial, the heart muscle itself. Instead what it does do is it lowers the amount of oxygen in the muscles you’re training. And when that happens, you reach a threshold called the lactate threshold much sooner with less effort, with less load and more safety. Safety’s the biggest thing. When it comes to exercising an exercise program that hurts you is obviously not sustainable. Therefore your results will not be sustainable. In fact, your overall adaptability and health will diminish. If you keep hurting yourself, I should know I played rugby. Don’t confuse sports with exercise. So the idea is not to lift as much weight as you can, as many times as you can.

Your goal is to inroad into the muscles, adaptive capacity, sending a signal neurologically and biochemically back to the brain. And in the case of blood flow resistance training, when you hit that lactate threshold, that burn, if you will, in the muscles the biochemistry of that burn comes back to your brain and the pituitary gland senses it, and then dumps growth hormone into the system. So even if you’re debilitated, for example compromised joint function, you can put these bands on, do lighter exercise, get the burn going benefit from the growth hormone, which is all encompassing. A panacea of good things happen in your body. 

When you get this blood H blood growth hormone going, not synthetic that’s toxic, this is natural growth hormone that your body produces. So blood flow resistance training with B3 bands, merely putting them on and walking, doing light band exercises, multiple sets, and of higher reps with lighter load enables you to tap in like you were trained super heavy, super intense, which I’ve done, but I’m finding now that at age 65, that’s a little harder to do.

My Previous Workout:

Up until January was to always be able to late press twice my body weight: 330 pounds for at least 20 to 22 repetitions. Then I would immediately reduce to 250 and do another 12 to 15 reps. I figured if I could do that, as I aged, I would have a buffer of strength that would enable me to get off the toilet on and off the toilet without assistance. (As I age, my goal isn’t climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or running a marathon… I want to get off the toilet and on it without help. Otherwise you’re an assisted living.)

After the Hernia:

Well, having this inguinal hernia deal, I had to redo things. And fortunately, this type of training came into my life two weeks before my surgery. So I haven’t leg pressed yet, but I’ve been walking, I’ve been doing band exercises, getting that burn going, and I’ve maintained fitness.

And I’ve even put on some muscle in the meantime, all while training lighter

But when I go back to leg pressing again in about four more weeks, I’m going to leg press with half the weight I was using before. So instead of 330 pounds, it will be more like 160 – 165lbs, more about my body weight. This is going to be easier on my joints. As you get older, there’s less tolerance with your joints and there’s nothing more that will limit your health as you age than joint health. If you can’t move your heart, your lungs, your respiratory system, your muscular system, your glandular system has no feedback or demand or, or meaning. If you don’t give your brain a reason to stay in the game, it will atrophy.

When you’re moving the brain census demand, and then will allocate resources to build your back again. So blood flow resistance training has enabled me to train lightly safely as I recover from hernia surgery. And I’ll continue to do this. Even once I’m fully recovered, I will always strength train the rest of my life. 

There’s nothing more bigger bang for the buck in terms of prolonging your youth or get old, getting older, slower than strength training done correctly. So B3 bands look on the website,

Chiropractic keeps your joints functioning exercise gives it a reason to keep going. If I’m doing this stuff, you should too.

Have a great day!

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