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Leg Press for Better Function


Did you know that after age 40, if you do not strength train you will lose 10% of your muscle mass per decade. And we know we don’t get lighter. So what’s happening? You’re getting fatter because your metabolism is slowing down and you’re going to lose capacity. You want capacity versus demands in your life.

Strength training is a foundational method to slowing this aging process. And realize that it’s not about prancing around in a Speedo or running marathon. But when I’m 90 I want to be able to get on and off the toilet without assistance. If you can’t get on and off the toilet and rotate around and do what we need to do, you’re in assisted living, and the leg press is a great way to get in condition now.

I work with patients out here. Some are so deconditioned that a 50 pound leg presses taxing to them. They need the confidence to know that if they put in the time, they will surpass any capacity they dreamed of. I can make anyone stronger. If you have joint capacity to move, I can make anyone stronger.

With an exercise like the leg press, it’s critical to have proper form and technique. I’ve been to many gyms over the years and I can tell you I see a lot of bad setups and techniques, so in this video series I hope to show you how to approach this exercise so you can safely enjoy it’s amazing benefits.

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