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Life Heals

Just life a sunrise, the body's innate intelligence regenerates.

Life heals your body. I do not heal the patients that come into my office, your body heals itself. However, the role I play in this process is to put your body into a position where it can heal itself.

What is healing? It is a matter of your body replacing and regenerating cells periodically. Without that you don’t adapt.

So how do we optimize the life force that heals us? In Chiropractic, it is known as innate intelligence that animates the material body. This material is from the earth, made of the food we eat, and then organized into a living being by the innate intelligence.

However, at times things can get out of order. Misalignment, known to Chiropractors as subluxations, can disrupt the function of the innate intelligence as nerve signals are not properly transmitted to their corresponding body tissue.

When I examine you, I take a step back, look at your spine and find where you are out of balance. When I remove the interference, and see the resulting change, then I know you are on the right track for the body’s natural healing powers to do their work.

Combining this with the right kinds of food, essential nutrients, and staying active will get you involved with your life, which will make it a more evolved life!

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Dr. John Murray

"Empowering our patients to understand that their lifestyle choices make a difference is the greatest thing we can do."