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On the Trail with B3 Bands


Blood Flow Resistance Training for Longevity

Hello, Dr. John here from Murray Chiropractic and I’m very excited to be taking a walk today. I’ve been doing this the last six and a half weeks using blood flow restriction bands walking, and I’m five weeks out from inguinal hernia surgery. These blood flow resistance bands have enabled me to train and get meaningful work in without over exerting myself. It’s great. But anyway, go to

So I’m wearing these blood flow resistance bands on my arms and on my upper thighs. And they restrict the flow of blood to the muscles that I’m working during a walk like this, namely my legs, and my arms. Even though this isn’t an upper body workout, still the overall effect is that by limiting the amount of oxygen going to the muscles, it creates a situation where as you exert your slow twitch muscle fibers, which are aerobically / metabolically driven, to consume the available oxygen.

And the cool thing is once that oxygen is more or less consumed, those slow twitch fibers handle off to your fast twitch fibers, which are an anaerobic pathway. Once that happens you get this burn going, the burn is from the fact that you reach what’s called your lactate threshold.
You’re now producing lactic acid.

Normally to get to that point, it requires heavy, intense exercise. Reality is that many of us are not doing that, especially at age 65, but even you’re 25 because that takes a toll which eventually you’ll pay when you’re 45. I know from my own experience – I played rugby. I enjoyed my sports. I would never trade anything for that, but it was a different time of my life.

This is a great thing that came into my life. Blood flow resistance training. So at that point where you reach the lactate threshold, that burn, the lactic acid flows back to the pituitary gland in your brain and that triggers the pituitary to dump growth hormone into your system. And there’s a panacea of good that happens with that.

Not only is growth hormone produced, but nitric oxide which promotes vasodilation. So people with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, get that blood flowing which helps create new capillary beds, and dilate the ones you already have. Another benefit is you also produce vascular endothelial growth factor or VEGF – cool stuff, angiogenesis, collateral, blood circulation. The benefits are huge.

So the end result is you are developing strength, power and endurance just by taking a walk – turns your walk into a whole new experience. Now you can get that lactate threshold activated and stimulate a panacea of constructive physiology in your body. And it does this all safely – blood flow resistance training has been shown not to increase arterial pressure because you’re not reducing arterial flow.

So I really encourage you to check out the B3 blood flow resistance bands – BFR training. Go to I just did a 1.8 mile walk and it felt fantastic. It felt like I ran a 5k. Have a great day!

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