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Pinched Nerves

Many of our chiropractic patients come into our office suffering from symptoms related to a pinched nerve. Pinched nerve symptoms can actually take on an incredibly broad range of issues throughout the entire body. To understand why, we can look at what a pinched nerve is, and how it happens.

Simply put, a pinched nerve is a way of describing what a chiropractor would call a subluxation. Between each vertebrae of your spine there is a hole through which the nerve travels. If the vertebrae goes out of alignment it can irritate or “pinch” the nerve, affecting the flow of energy through the nerve, thereby disrupting the function of the tissue that’s at the end of that nerve.

Therefore it makes sense that we want to keep our spine in balance, keeping these nerve channels open. So what is a subluxation? It is a complex of things, beginning with abnormal motion or position of a vertebrae. This might mean that it is either too loose or too tight, in either case causing nerve pressure. The starting point is always the biomechanical aspect of a subluxation. If the joint does not move freely then we need to free it up.

When there is abnormal joint motion we get nerve involvement; nerve interference creates dis-ease and a lack of harmony wherever is the body that nerve goes to. That tissue becomes compromised in its degree of function and adaptability. And if the condition persists for long enough, there becomes and accumulation of weakened or damaged cells that will lead to a symptom of pain or discomfort.

So when we check you, we can’t just look at the symptom, we must also look at the spine. If we clear the spine, the areas away from the spine will function better. And this is the idea behind chiropractic – allowing the body’s natural healing energy flow more freely which keeps you functioning at your potential.

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