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Sinus and Migraine Headaches

Did you know that chiropractic can help with sinus headaches? This is because the sinuses are an end point for systemic stagnation. Dr. Murray explains why.


In chiropractic care, we look at the function of the nerve system. Chiropractic is about function, not symptoms, but restoring and maintaining the body’s function which can heal the root cause of the symptoms.

People come to our office with various symptoms and want to know if we can help. Most of the time that answer is yes because chiropractic addresses the underlying cause. Whether its lower back pain, shoulder pain, or issues not obviously related to the spine like heart arrhythmias, allergies, and even sinus headaches. The common thread among all of these is that we look at the quality of the nerve supply in your spine relative to the function in the other areas of your body.

With the sinuses in particular, we have to address the fact that the sinuses have a nerve supply that stems from your upper neck, your cranium, and even as far away as the colon.

We often find that our patients need to be adjusted to activate the nerve supply to their sinuses, as well as paying attention to their diet, water and fiber intake. This might seem strange until you consider that two of the most important signs of life are to assimilate and excrete, meaning we must take in nutrients and also get rid of waste. If there is a break down in the system, the sinuses are the end point of that system and often times the area where the break down is felt.

To treat sinus issues we start by looking for underlying nerve interference in the spine, especially in the upper neck. From there, other measures include gentle tapping on the cranials, and reflexology on the figure tips which can also activate sinus drainage. Because one of our key goals is wellness, we also may encourage our patients to become more active since, as well all know, a walk outside on a cold day can get the nose running. So movement, as with all things, can be the key to keeping your sinuses from becoming stagnated.

Stagnation is the damnation of your body. If you bowels are stagnant, if you don’t move, if your nerve system is stagnant, then you may be suffering from these symptoms because the sinuses are an end point for systemic stagnation.

So let’s get adjusted, let’s get more water and fiber in our diets, and most of all let’s get moving because life is motion. And with all of those things in motion your body can take care of the rest because it was designed to do just that.

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