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Spare Your Joints


spare-your-jointsLIFE IS MOTION has been the motto at MURRAY CHIROPRACTIC for over 30 years. The following is the first article in a series dedicated to this important aspect of LIFE….Enjoy!

As I move through my life journey ,the need to be kind to my body has become readily apparent.Particularly those vital structures we know as joints.And it is our LIFESTYLE choices that make all the difference.

The ability to move is one of our most important and guarded aspects of life.20,000 years ago if you lacked mobility,you could not obtain food and it was very likely you became it ! Nearly every system in your body is geared to support two things: MOVEMENT and BRAIN FUNCTION .Your heart is a slave to both of these masters as it supplies both your BRAIN and MUSCLES with vital OXYGEN and GLUCOSE.Thinking and moving enabled Homo sapiens to proliferate on this planet !

OK ENOUGH anthropology ,picture this : If you intention to drive a car you must take action and take command. You are the BRAIN ,you start the engine (MUSCLES),you engage the transmission (JOINT STRUCTURE ) .Here is the point :

NO MOVEMENT occurs or work is EXPRESSED with out properly functioning JOINT STRUCTURE (transmission ),PERIOD ! MUSCULAR work is EXPRESSED through JOINT FUNCTION.

So start being kind to your joints now,avoid high impact activities ,walk and bike instead of running.Lift weights in a slower more controlled manner,its not how much weight you lift its how well you lift them. Include Tai Chi and yoga NOW, flexibility and suppleness are a must as you age.Avoid the latest fads of cross fit ,Insanity,P90x as they are not sustainable for most people due to increased risk of joint injury.The running craze of the last 40 years has not decreased mortality or heart attack rates ,only increased JOINT DEGENERATION and subsequent surgical intervention and REPLACEMENT .

CHIROPRACTIC care is a trump card in maximizing JOINT and associated NEUROLOGIC function.The correction of VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION is paramount to optimal bodily FUNCTION .

JOINT HEALTH also requires a solid NUTRITIONAL foundation .Eat FOOD,drink WATER,hydration is critical for JOINT health.Also see : BONE BROTH,Omega 3 FISH OIL ,vitamin D3 and PROBIOTICS.

No one will care how fast you RAN or how much weight you could LIFT.What MATTERS is if YOU can get on and off the TOILET unassisted when your 90…….BE KIND TO YOUR JOINTS …..PLEASE do it now .I am here to help you with LIFELONG exercise and nutritional strategies .See You Tube section for examples.
Yours in health……Dr John

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Dr. John Murray

"Empowering our patients to understand that their lifestyle choices make a difference is the greatest thing we can do."