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Spring Series Part I: Chiropractic Treats the Body the Same Way the Body Develops


Welcome to our Spring Series. Since spring is all about rebirth, I thought we’d take a look at how this concept related to Chiropractic. 

There’s a lot of misconception about what chiropractic is, what it does, how it works. The bottom line is the chiropractor does not do the healing. It’s your body that does the healing. How is it that this works? The answer is found in how your body developed.

You have to remember the miracle that happens when you are conceived, that’s 9 months prior to the day you were born that’s the miracle. That’s when life was conceptualized in your material body. That’s what chiropractic works with. With that in mind, let’s get an idea that helps come from within, not from without. Here’s how it works:

When you’re a baby developing inside of your mother’s womb the first part of your body to start to form is what’s called a primitive streak. You went from that little conceptualized cell, sperm and an egg making a primitive streak. That develops into a notochord, spinal cord and then the brain. The brain begins to evolve. You can see we develop from central to peripheral. Almost like the concentric rings of an onion and you’re going to find that concentric rings permeates a lot of the world, your body, the universe in fact (look at the orbits of the planets around the sun, concentric rings). Central to peripheral, that’s how your body is formed.

Essentially that’s how your body must heal as well. As the body develops, as the brain develops you start to get these little like buds coming off. 31 pairs of spinal nerves – 12 cranial nerves that are emitted not from the spine but from the skull. One of the most important of those is called the vagus nerve, we’ll talk about that in a subsequent video. What happens as time goes on, you develop from central to peripheral, you start to get lung buds forming.

You get a heart bud, you get kidney buds, you get intestinal buds. You get all of these things happening in your body. Peripheral nerves begin to expand, innervate and give life to these parts. The lung didn’t form and then the brain, the brain formed and then the lung. Innately your body realizes that this is a real important structure. This central to peripheral concept and the delicate structures here, software if you like needs to be protected. What do do? You get a hard skull around the brain.

Then you get 24 interlocking vertebrae that serve to protect the spinal cord, which gives essential framework to your body. From there your extremities develop, arms, legs, and limbs because movement is essential as we see later on in life. As you can see we develop from central to peripheral. It’s essential that this life force flow to the formation of the body inside of the womb to happen. It’s essential. Without that nerve supply, without that communication, without that intelligence, that body does not form. That baby does not form properly.

Coupled with nutrients through the umbilical supply chain that baby develops and grows, it also excretes through that umbilical area as well, assimilates and excretes. Therefore, the body grows and adapts inside the womb. Let’s get that concept on the right track. Your body develops from central to peripheral and it heals from central to peripheral. We’ll also talk in the next video, the peripheral to central conceptualization. That’s another pathway that’s essential. Have a great day.

Dr. John Murray

Dr. John Murray

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