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The Body’s Miraculous Potential


Hello, Dr. John here, and today I’d like to discuss the body’s miraculous potential. Everybody wants the next miracle this, or that. Be it the next miracle exercise to lose my gut, the next miracle supplement change my life, and so on. Well we all experienced a miracle … However old you are, just add 9 months to that, and that’s how long the miracle occurred. The miracle is called life, at the moment you were conceived there was a 100% life. A 100% health potential, right in that one cell.

That’s when the miracle occurred, and all the while you were in your mother’s womb, your body was pulling from your mother what you needed to build this healthy body. It took whatever it needed. People don’t get it when I say that babies are parasite. It’s not a symbiosis, that baby sucking everything out of a mother it can. Well it’s a perfect environment for development, and that’s why babies turned out healthy almost every time.

Here’s the deal, once you leave the womb it’s up to the parents initially, but it’s up to you later in life to make sure that you put the right things into your body. That the miracle can still keep occurring within your body, and that miracle again is life. The first prerequisite for this miracles to occur in your body is life, you need to be alive. What chiropractic does is activates the flow of the life force to the body. By removing what we called vertebral subluxation.

Especially at the out most level in the upper neck. Chiropractic activates nerve, that’s a first prerequisite to help, without nerve supply you don’t stand a chance okay. Next thing is put good nutrition into your body, don’t eat what’s in the box and a bag. Drink water, stay away from sugar, stay away from wheat. This things are known to irritate and aggravate and limit our health potential all right. Sugar is huge cell.

Listen Jack Lalanne was talking about it 50 years ago, it hasn’t changed. Get off your duff and move, do a breathing squat, and exhale, inhale, exhale. That’s your exercise, do 20 of those a day and guess what – it’ll change your life. Better yet, 20 of those every hour okay. That will make a world a difference during your daytime.

The next thing is think positive thoughts, write down constructive things that you wish in your life, where you want to reinforce that you already have, be thankful and be receptive to the good that’s coming your way. This is so crucial.

The team that wins football games doesn’t rely on miracles and Hail Mary’s. Okay, so Boston college managed one… but the rest of the time is hard work, discipline, daily commitment to running, tackling and blocking. That’s how football team win. Watch the Giants last week, you’ll understand what I mean, they are owing, they can’t run, they can’t tackle, they can’t block. You see why their record is such.

People are struggling in life with their health, because they don’t know what running, tackling and blocking means with respect to their health. You just heard it, you’ve got to eat good, you’ve got to get your spine adjusted, stay free of nerve interference, you need to exercise, you need to move, you need to breathe, and you need to think positive. Your thoughts can change your physiology in a split second.

Here it is – toxins, traumas, and thoughts – that’s what breaks our body down. Let’s stay in balance, let’s give our body the foods they need, let’s think positive thoughts, no matter what the situation, it’s how you adapt to the situation, not the situation, that makes the difference. If you do that consistently, and long enough you’ll be rewarded with good health, vitality, and I guarantee you’ll be able to get off the toilet and off it unassisted when you’re 90. That’s what it’s all about… Longevity. You want to be able to move and think when you’re 90.

You do what I tell you, do what I suggest and you will have a great day.

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Dr. John Murray

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