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Tips for Good Holiday Health


Hello, Dr. John here. We’re coming into the holiday season. We just got out of Halloween, and we’re coming into Thanksgiving within the next week or so. Then it’s on to Christmas and New Year’s. Believe it or not, for as much as it’s a joyous time of year and a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of stress.

People aren’t sleeping as much. They’re running around like crazy and staying up late. They’re stressed out in the hustle and bustle both emotionally and physically. They’re eating a lot more junk. They’re eating a lot more refined, sugary foods. All these things add up and deplete your immune system.

You wonder why so many people get sick in January? It’s because of what they’ve done the last two and a half months leading up to it. It’s not the environment. It’s not the change in the weather or the fact that it’s cold. If it was the weather everybody would be affected. It’s not the weather. It’s your own internal ability to adapt to the environment. That’s affected by your nutrition, your nerve supply, and you’ve got to get up and move. To complement movement, you must rest and recover.

From the standpoint of nerve supply, don’t neglect your chiropractic adjustments. Get in and get checked. It’s vital that you maintain the integrity of your nerve system through the spine. The most important aspect of your immune system is your nervous system. It’s going to interpret and adapt you to your stresses.

Secondly, nutrition is very important. You’ve got to have the raw materials for your body to build with. What I mean by that is avoid sugar and refined foods, all these high carbohydrate stuff. I hate to say it, but you’ve got to give grandma’s cake and pie and cookies a rest. You’ve just got to. For my mother, it’s this stuff called spaetzle. I don’t go near it. That’s just me.

The other thing is take some vitamin C. Make sure you’re getting your Vitamin D3. Chlorella is also wonderful. The wuji chlorella helps you build and maintain that immune system, and facilitate excretion of some of the toxicity that you’re going to be a little bit overburdened with.
Make sure you get adjusted to maintain nerve supply. Maintain good nutrition, you can handle that. Stay away from the sugary stuff. That’s the big thing. Then move. Get out and walk and move. Stay acclimated to the weather. Don’t just stay inside.

Sinus problems become more prevalent this time of year because we have stagnation. What happens when you get outside and you walk on a cold day? Your nose runs, doesn’t it? You’re moving your sinuses. Get out. Stay hydrated as well, in the heat. That will eliminate sinuses and a lot of these upper respiratory ailments.

That’s my tips to keep strong going into the winter season and beyond. You don’t want to do this for now, try to live it the whole year. That’s the tip for today. Stay on your adjustments. It’s vital to your survival. Have a great day.


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