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Wellness Supplements

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Hello, Dr. John here. I just want to talk a little bit about wellness supplements today. I get asked all the time, “What supplements should I take?” Well, in a perfect world, we’d get everything we need from our food, like the Garden of Eden. Well, that’s not the way real life works, unfortunately. There are some things we do need to supplement. We recommend wellness supplements that are more like food. I’m going to go through a few things. I’m going to give you the contrast between what would be the food supplement or the food that you could actually eat.


Let’s start with this. This is called Great Lakes Collagen. OK. The food source would be a bone broth. This is for your joints, your hair, your nails. It’s phenomenal for your connective tissue. As you get older, the thing that’s going to affect you the most as you get older is your joint function. This is the building blocks for proper joints. Along with proper motion, you need nutrition to build proper joints, cartilage, disc, connective tissue. Huge. This is also great for the intestinal gut lining: very alkalizing, very soothing. A bone broth would be number one. Google it. Check it out. The next best thing is Great lakes Collagen. We have it at the office. A tablespoon twice a day is what I do. You don’t need to take Glucosamine Chondroitin or Hyaluronic Acid. Do the Great Lakes Collagen or, better yet, see about a bone broth.


The next thing is Wuji Chlorella This is a whole food. If I was in a bomb shelter, this is what I would have: water and Woogie, and you’re good to go. Water, Wuji, wine – the three “w’s”. Maybe some wine, but anyway. Wuji Chlorella is protein. It’s very alkalizing, again, so we’ve got the alkalizing. What alkalizing means is your pH is going to be more biased with the alkaline side, just to leave it. Chronic disease, cancer and such loves acidity. Osteoarthritis loves an acidic environment, so alkalizing your body on a regular basis helps stable chronic disease. That’s one aspect. Complete food. Pulls metals out of the body. It’s green. How many green things do people eat? Not enough. This is awesome whole food.


Now here we go to probiotics. If there was one thing I was going to say where you should start with this whole supplement thing and that would be a probiotic. In traditional cooking we got our probiotics from fermented foods, whether it was the sauerkraut or the kimchi. Believe it or not, when a baby is born through the birth canal, born vaginally, you start to colonize the child’s intestinal gut flora and their nasal mucosa and all these areas with constructive, good, healthy bacteria. Huge stuff. The same bacteria that’s found in a woman’s intestinal area, some are found in the birth canal as well. Here’s the deal. Fermented foods, if you can do that, sauerkraut – get Bubbies Sauerkraut at the ShopRite, it’s awesome. But a supplement, Innate Choice, is what the supplement will be. We use Dr. Chestnut’s stuff. Real good, high quality. It’s got colonizing bacteria, not just transient ones, Lactobacillus Plantarum being one of them.


Watch my other videos on how to make water kefir at home. It’s phenomenal.  I drink it every day. It’s a food that gives you probiotics. Probiotics are essential for assimilation, excretion, your immune system and even your mind-gut connection, affects anxiety and depression, so probiotics are huge.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Foundational: Omega 3 Fish Oil. If you can eat wild-caught salmon that’s not contaminated, loaded with Mercury or radiation, that would be the best thing. Use the Indian approach. Those people very seldom get sick. Omega 3 fats are essential fats that are the building blocks for hormones that lower inflammation, promote nasal dilation and keep your blood platelets slipping and sliding like Mobile 1 Oil. This is essential for your well-being. If you’re deficient in Omega 3’s there’s a lot of detrimental things that can happen from heart health to brain health to chronic inflammation, which is a harbinger for chronic disease. Omega 3’s are huge. I put the fish oil in my smoothie every day.

Vitamin D3

D3 is huge for immune system, huge for immune system function. Anti-viral, it’s going to help you to stave off the flu and other viruses. My immune system is very strong. A deficiency in D3 has also been shown to be associated with colon cancer. Get on D3. Even if you lie in the sun three hours a day, during the summer in New Jersey you cannot get enough D3. You have to live in an equatorial climate and be exposed to it constantly. We need to supplement with D3. This is huge. Takes two seconds; you open the jar, at least do three or four drops in your mouth and you’re done. You’ve met your requirement.

Vitamin C

Last thing: Vitamin C. I don’t know, it just never hurts to take some Vitamin C. We’re deficient in this stuff. Vitamin C helps with your capillary beds, helps you with your connective tissue. There’s nothing miraculous about Vitamin C, but if you were Magellan sailing around in the Pacific and you didn’t have any Vitamin C for a while and your teeth are falling out of your head and you have a lemon, you think it’s pretty miraculous. Huge for connective tissue function and all of that.


There are no miracles in any of these supplements. Remember, the miracle is life. However old you are, add nine months to that. That’s when the miracle occurred. So in chiropractic we adjust the subluxation to release the nerve interference in your body so that you have optimal expression of light, but while you’re alive and on this planet you’ve got to put good material into your material body. So I hope that helps. Those are food supplements. Avoid isolated, distilled, concentrated vitamins. Your body doesn’t recognize them. Try to eat the food first, but a good food supplement second. That’s all I use. If you do it, you’ll be great. Have a great day!

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