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Heart Rate Strata

Hello, Dr. John here and I want to talk to you a little bit about improving your adaptability as far as endurance, recovery, and just


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Chiropractic For Quality of Life

At Murray Chiropractic, our philosophy is that of wellness – chiropractic for quality of life. Thing about it… Why do people want to see a


The Dangers of Inflammation

In this post I’m here to talk about the dangers of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a harbinger for chronic disease. Under normal circumstances, inflammatory


Master the Sensory Pathway

The sensory pathway is pivotal to good health. In today’s topic I’m going to tell you how to master the body’s cycle of processing input

Healing Possibilities

Chiropractic is the science,philosophy and art of things NATURAL. Chiropractic ADJUSTMENTS restore FUNCTION thru the correction of VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION (VS). Chiropractic ADJUSTMENTS correct VS and


Spare Your Joints

LIFE IS MOTION has been the motto at MURRAY CHIROPRACTIC for over 30 years. The following is the first article in a series dedicated to