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Chiropractic For Quality of Life


At Murray Chiropractic, our philosophy is that of wellness – chiropractic for quality of life. Thing about it… Why do people want to see a chiropractor? Maybe we should put it in terms that define what living a quality life is all about because without certain aspects of life as we relate to it on an elemental level, without being esoteric and putting it into science or philosophy, what really matters? Let’s look at something … do we want more of or less of these things? Let’s take a look.

How about movement? Movement is a sign of life, believe it or not. Do you want more movement or less movement in your life as you age? What would you prefer? I, for one, would prefer more movement. I think you’d be out of your mind to think you’d want less as you get older. That covers that.

Adaptability. That’s your ability to take on stresses, to take on challenges in your life. Would you like more of that capacity, or less? I’ll take more. I’d rather have a greater ability to adapt.

How about focus? Mental clarity. Determination. The desire to see things through. I’ll tell you what. If you’re healthier, you’ll have greater ability to focus and get things done. I’ll prefer being focused, so I’ll take greater focus to being scattered.
Function. What the heck is function? Function is the ability to get things done. If you decide in your mind that you want to do something, you must be able to translate those thoughts into action, and if your body functions, you’ll be able to do it. I’ll take greater function.

Happiness. I don’t know about you, but I prefer the feeling of happy. It makes me feel … you feel light and breezy rather than leaden and caved in on yourself. I’ll take happiness over worry and anxiety any day. Believe it or not, we’re hardwired for both based on how your spine functions, so I’ll take happiness.

Strength. Do you want to be stronger or weaker? That’s pretty obvious. We’re going to go with stronger.

Choice. Would you rather have no options or options in your life? Would you rather be that your only option is to have bypass surgery? I don’t think so. I think I’d rather be able to take a walk, get adjusted, do some omega-3s. I prefer those options, so I’ll take choice over being pigeonholed any day.

Pleasure. I don’t know. I like to have fun. Riding a wave is certainly better than laying in a hospital bed, so I’ll take pleasure over the alternative.

Pain. Most people come … and this is at the bottom of the list because most people come to the chiropractor for pain, which to me is the most superficial and wrong reason to come to the chiropractor. Pain is just a sign that your body is struggling with all the other things. Let’s get off the therapeutic model and focus on the whole body. I prefer less pain, though, I’ll tell you that. Let’s go with less pain.

Sickness. What is it anyway? Chronic disease is what I’m talking about. The flu is one thing, but type 2 diabetes and heart disease and cancer, those are other things. Those are all tied in with your lifestyle and chiropractic and how you lead it. I’ll take less sickness.

As we look at things, we can see that health and our needs are more than just pain and give me an adjustment, give me an aspirin, give me a drug to change how I feel. It’s how does your body function? Function can be expressed in an optimized way of living. As you see, the blue is optimized. That’s an optimized life. Let’s have an optimized life.

Get here. Get adjusted, not because how you feel. Get adjusted because what you don’t feel. You can be in pain and be healthy. You can have no pain at all and be very sick. Get off the therapeutic model. Get adjusted for pain. Get your spine checked for subluxation. Let’s turn the power on. The bottom line is this … health. That’s a function of your nerve system, how you think, what you eat, and your exercise. So let’s get on it. We can help you do it.

Have a great day!

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Dr. John Murray

"Empowering our patients to understand that their lifestyle choices make a difference is the greatest thing we can do."