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Chiropractic Stretches for Back


Today I want to talk to you about chiropractic stretches for back. Many people ask me, “Do I need an inversion table?” People are often times interested in what kind of exercise they can do to help themselves. My answer is that you don’t need an inversion table. Inversion table and things like that are contrived ways to get you to do what you could do without any equipment at all. Let me show you a couple of stretches that will do even more for you, than what an inversion table can.

Okay, inversion table basically wants to elongate the body on the long axis. Gravity wants to compress this, we’ve talked about the gorilla hand of gravity before, but gravity is like a big gorilla hand that wants to pull your chin to your knees it also wants to compresses, and compact us. The intervertebral disc, the disc between the vertebrae need to … We need to put them through motion, to keep them hydrated and healthy.

Movement is life, life is motion. Movement, hydration, good nutrition are all going to help to make your body healthier. Here are some stretches that’s going to elongate you:

First you just want to shake, I got this from my Tai-Chi classes, David Grantham, an awesome teacher. Anyway just shake things out a little bit, shake it out nice and easy just for a couple of seconds. Then just do some gentle twisting like so, nice and easy, nice and easy.
Okay, now you can do some hip circles, nice hip circles, reverse go the other way okay. Then you can move into this nice little stretch, where I’m going to take. I’m going to stand with my feet, not too far apart and I’m going to bring my hands breathing in and out through my nose when I get to eye level. I’m going to invert my hands, and then I’m going to reach for the ceiling or the sky, envisioning that my feet are planted in the ground, and that I’m actually separating my torso from my pelvis or my waist, elongating.

I’m going to reach, breathing I’m going to turn slowly, get my feet planted as I hold this position for about 15 or 20 seconds breathing in and out through the nose, reaching and slowly turn the other way. I can feel my entire spine, elongating. Great for your shoulder as well. Come the other way again, reverse direction, and you’re just going to keep your chin top as you turn your head and look behind you a little further.

On the other way turn the hand, elongating the spine reaching as I’m breathing. Envisioning my feet, sinking I’ve been anchored in the ground, six inches beneath the earth. Come back to center, now I’m going to reach, I’m going to grasp my left wrist with my right hand, I’m going to pull on my arm towards the ceiling and then I’m just going to lean to the side, and I’m going to hold this now. Envision doing this between two walls, you’re not going to come forward, trying … Just go directly laterally.

Again this is elongating the spine, it’s actually making space for all your organs as well. They get compress from sitting all day, again and then back the other way. As I breath this is activating my energy and my body as I stretch. I’m waking up my brain to my body, and my body to my brain. Come back, stretch again other way. Remember first you traction, or elongate the arm as you’re grasping the wrist, and then go to the side.

Breathing in and out to the nose, up again traction, lean. From here we can get into other things. This is based on just some simple Tai-Chi stretches. I’m not an expert in Tai-Chi. I can at least bring you the stretches. Come back to this neutral position, reaching for the ceiling, and there you have it. If you do those stretches even a couple of times a day, you’re going to bring motion and life into your body.

As you bring motion into your body, you’re going to light up your brain with it, like a Christmas tree with energy that we called appropriate reception. It’s a nutritious energy that behaves your brain and light and energy that wakes your brain up to your body, and your body to your brain. Help me out, help yourself out by moving and activating your own energy. When you come in for your adjustments, you’ll body will even be more receptive because you’ve done some movement on your own.

It’s all about motion, it’s all about correcting the subluxation, getting motion in the spine, and establishing communication between the brain, and the body. Get that innate intelligence flowing and permeating every cell of your body, bathing it and healing and optimal functioning energy.

Have a great day!

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