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Super Healthy Smoothie Recipe

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Hello, folks! Doctor John with you today. I was motivated to talk to you about diet and nutrition. You don’t need all these fancy weight loss programs if you just stick to a few fundamentals. Avoid concentrated sugars, junk food, preservatives, and artificial colorings. Eat fresh food whenever you can. I know it’s more expensive, but your body will thank you for it. Eat good, clean meat, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, good organic chicken, things like that. And more vegetables, vegetables are hugely important!

The bottom line is you want to not spike your sugar levels, so that you don’t spike your insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas that its job is to get glucose sugar out of your bloodstream and store it as body fat. If you’re eating sugar all the time and spiking your insulin levels and cranking up your insulin levels through that sugar consumption, you’re constantly storing fat and you don’t burn it.

Start your day with a high protein, high fat kind of breakfast.

Keep it simple. Have a couple fried eggs, or a couple scrambled eggs. Eggs are great from you. For lunch, you could have your meal of the day at lunchtime. If you don’t have time for that, try a smoothie or a protein shake. Here’s what I recommend putting in the protein shake:

  • Water (not almond milk or dairy)
  • Hemp protein (I recommend Nutiva hemp protein)
  • Spinach, or greens of your choice (Kale is also great)
  • Put some berries (not a lot of berries) black or red raspberries
  • A tablespoon or at least two teaspoons of a good quality fish oil. Get those Omega 3 fats, it lowers inflammation.
  • A tablespoon of coconut oil in there.
  • Put a little bit of turmeric in there for some anti-inflammatory components.
  • Add some Great Lakes Collagen too!

When you do that you’re going to create a smoothie that’s very healthy, not coming from a can. If it’s been in a can for a long time, and all these different ingredients, it might not be so great. But something that does come in a can that you can add to your smoothie, is collagen. Great Lakes Collagen is what we recommend. You can get the green can, which is hydrolyzed, it doesn’t gel, the orange can does, so you might want to get the hydrolyzed form of Great Lakes collagen. It’s got 11 grams of protein per tablespoon. This is a one pound can. You get 38 servings that are 12 grams. it’s low glycemic. It’s going to give you things that make your gut real happy, it’s going to give you the constituents that your joints need to be healthy.

As mentioned above, I suggest you use water rather than dairy or juice (almond milk included) It is essential to make sure you get enough water in your diet. The most important thing you’ve got to understand is, the last place water gets to in your body, in the hierarchy of what’s important to keep you alive, is your joints. Water goes to your blood first, to keep your blood a normal viscosity. If your blood’s too thick, especially in the morning, common time for a heart attack, sudden heart attack. If your blood’s too thick, put the oil too thick in your car, it doesn’t want to start, same thing for your heart. From there the water’s going to trickle into your digestive track, the cells, the interstitial fluid, the intercellular fluid.  The last place water gets is your joints. Motion plus hydration will keep your joints healthy. Collagen will give you the minerals, the constituents of nutrition you need, through collagen itself, the building blocks for joint health. A bone broth’s the best thing, I’ll discuss that in a later video.

So, keep moving, get going, two eggs in the morning, a smoothie at lunch, a small meal in the evening, a nice salad or something. You could swap out lunch and dinner, but either way no snacking. If you do snack get a healthy, low carb good protein, good fat energy bar.

Okay, that’s your tip and exercise every day. We’ll talk about that on the next video. Have a great day!

Dr. John Murray

Dr. John Murray

"Empowering our patients to understand that their lifestyle choices make a difference is the greatest thing we can do."