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Hi, I’m Dr. John. If you had a couple seconds to look at the following table, you’ll see there’s a contrast. When we talk about


Chiropractic For Quality of Life

At Murray Chiropractic, our philosophy is that of wellness – chiropractic for quality of life. Thing about it… Why do people want to see a


Chiropractic Stretches for Back

Today I want to talk to you about chiropractic stretches for back. Many people ask me, “Do I need an inversion table?” People are often times

Healthy Mind


Today’s subject is about the interconnectedness of life, which is to say that we are all connected.


The Importance of Probiotics

The importance of probiotics cannot be understated, they are essential to our wellbeing and are beneficial to everything from your body’s ability to assimilate its


Life Heals

Life heals your body. I do not heal the patients that come into my office, your body heals itself. However, the role I play in

Healthy Mind

It Takes Time to Heal

It takes time to heal. The more time you’ve been in pain, the more time it can take for the body to correct itself. Here


The Dangers of Inflammation

In this post I’m here to talk about the dangers of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a harbinger for chronic disease. Under normal circumstances, inflammatory